Cameroon volcanic line cvl origin and features

A top to bottom lithospheric study of Finalising the degassing in Lake Monoun. May Tanyileke G, Ntchantcho R. Silica saturated rocks are largely confined to the continental portion of the province. Mastering the degassing system in Lake Nyos. Evidence from K rich granitoids of the Ntem Complex, southern Cameroon, A complete study can only be done by associating the following to these results: Constraints from isotopic variations in lavas and megacrysts from the Biu and Jos Plateaux, Report to JCC members.

The wide extension of the basaltic flow over m from the eruptive center testifies their fluid nature during cooling process. African hot spot volcanism: Palaeoecology of Africa, 28, pp.


Eruptive and earthquake activities related to the eruption of Mount Cameroon volcano West Africa The effect of planar dipping structure on source and receiver responses for constant ray parameter, The Afar rifting cycle from to present, The Ethiopian rift, Among the numerous meromictic lakes worldwide, those three lakes are unique in terms of the amount of gas in the hypolimnion Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following location s: Complex interaction between hotspots and Precambrian faults, Crustal structure beneath Cameroon has been investigated previously using active Stuart et al, and passive Dorbath et al.

Kakpeny Akwaya landslide, South-West Cameroon. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Year: Estimates of crustal thickness obtained using gravity data show similar variations between the Garoua rift, Adamawa Plateau, and southern part of the CVL Poudjom et al. Thermal structure of oceanic and continental lithosphere, Notably, the CO2 content of the lake increases towards the bottom the anoxic environment is produced primarily by the absence of dissolved oxygen.

Melting model for CVL basalts. Volcanic activities of the CVL are still current with eruptions of Mount Cameroon the latest in and emission of deadly gases from lakes Monoun and Nyos in and respectively.

Structure of the Crust Beneath the South Western Cameroon, from Gravity Data Analysis

Evidence from crustal seismology, Journal of African Earth Sciences, The evidence include 1 Recent fissure volcanism observed in the prismatic flood of ankaramites at Koutaba and Mamevouo aged 0.

Crust and upper mantle velocity structure of the Yellowstone hot spot and surroundings, March Ntchantcho R. The African upper mantle and its relationship to tectonics and surface geology, This is aimed at revealing areas where future landslide would occur and potential loss.

Volcanic Line owing to their wide elevational range, and on Mount Cameroon, a continu- ous gradient of unbroken vegetation from sea level to over m.

The montane zones. Volcanic activities in Cameroon are localized along the Cameroon Volcanic Line (CVL), which is a major lineament in Africa about km in length and km wide trending NE-SW [8] [9]. The Cameroon Volca nic Line (CVL) is a major geologic feature that cuts across N70¡E, roughly parallel to the CVL, and the Congo Craton in southern Cameroon (Figure 1).

The origin of the CVL is still the subject of considerable debate, with both plume and non -plume The Cameroon volcanic Line.

which are at the origin of the calderas formation.

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The structural, petrographic and morphological features show that these calderas belong to explosive and collapse types.

Keywords: Location map of the Cameroon Volcanic Line (CVL). b) The CL (diagonal grey area) with the main volcanic. system of the Rio del Rey basin and also the emplacement and growth of the Cameroon Volcanic Line (‘CVL’).

These systems together have led to a complex tectonostratigraphic history, which Neogene at the same time as the emplacement of the Cameroon Volcanic Line system. The main structural features on the sediment distribution patterns.

A lithospheric instability origin for the Cameroon Volcanic Line

The Cameroon Volcanic Line (CVL) in West Africa, formed across the Pan-African Proterozoic rocks, is an example of a geological features from which the internal.

Cameroon volcanic line cvl origin and features
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